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Upcoming Events


2018 New Arrivals

BWS Santa Muerte  $10.00

An initial mix of cream, natural tobacco, nut, cedar and

assorted mixed pepper notes.


Black Works Studio Nocturne Deliverance $10.10-$11.50

In this cigar, pepper takes the reins& mdash predominantly white in the nose and black on the palate.


Four Kicks Maduro $9.05 - $10.25

A pleasant mixture of nuttiness, earthiness and creaminess over some coffee, oranges and black pepper. 


Emilio Cavatina $8.00-$9.50

A creamy  core with hints of grass, honey suckles, earth, and mild pepper.


Gran Habano Black Dahlia $9.05-$9.60

A balanced set of fruit, spice, and nut flavors.   


Illusione Epernay $8.95-$10.10

Initial notes of spice, wood, and cream. Then it turns sweet

with a velvety truffle taste/sweet cream. 


Illusione Fume Amour $9.65

You start out with sweet nuts, red pepper, cocoa, and

an undercurrent of cream.


My Father La Opulencia $9.00-$11.75

A potent, full-bodied profile delivers earthy notes of cocoa, cinnamon and signature Nicaraguan spices with a leathery texture.


Upmann Blue AJ Fernandez $7.85-$8.15

A rich tobacco sweetness accentuated with hearty notes of dark roast coffee, hazelnut, cedar, and subtle hints of spice.


International Pipe Day & Gurkha Event

The Wharf will be hosting Smoke Off 2018

A contest to see how long our champions can keep there pipes smoking without relight,... come in and see how it goes Or,... come in and show us how its done!


Gurkha Event March 1st, 2018