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Flavors of Casa Fernandez and Cornelius & Anthony

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Aganorsa Initially, a combination of wood, sweet graham and spice. As the cigar warms up a little you& rsquo ll up some great aromatic qualities and caramel. The wood gives some ground to roasted nuts and chocolate started to build in the finish

Arsenio - An array of flavors: Chocolate, powerful red pepper, creaminess, graham cracker, generic sweetness, cedar, coffee, and a very earthy tobacco flavor.

Buena Cosecha - You will experience a medium bodied smoke with creamy textured notes of cocoa, toasted almonds, soft spice, and buttery sweet caramel.

Guardian of The Farm - You will experience an easygoing, mellow to medium-bodied smoke chock-full of lush cocoa, cashews, soft spice, cedar, and sweet tobacco flavors.  

JFR Titan - Woody notes and spice are the core flavors of this cigar.

JFR Corojo - Abundant notes of leather, cedar, pepper and creamy caramel will make for a very enjoyable smoke.

Lunatic Torch - Once the burn line reaches the main cylinder of the cigar, the wrapper and binder get added, flavor takes a notable step forward with pepper, dry woods, and peanuts.

Secretos Del Arte - Wrapped in a dark Mexican San Andreas wrapper this cigar is full flavor with characteristics of earth and leather.


        Cornelius & Anthony

Aeriel - This Connecticut from Ecuador has subtle notes of leather coffee and Wood. The filler is from Nicaragua and produces a velvety smooth smoke

Cornelius - Cuban style hand rolled in the El Titan de Bronze factory in little Havana Miami,... this gem is crafted to deliver a smooth blend of spice and sweetness with a woody & creamy finish

Daddy Mac - Starts with a little pepper and gracefully balances flavors of sweetness and spice after the first third.

Senor Esugars - This Mexican San Andreas wrapped beauty delivers rich decadent flavors with creamy finish and comes with notes of Coffee and Cocoa

Venganza - forward spice with lingering sweetness and long smooth finish with bold complexity



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Staff Recommendations


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Ryan's Recommendation


Kicks things off with wonderfully thick plumes of smoke, subtle sweetness, and fragrant earthy tones. Caramel and powder sugar like sweetness develops in the second third. Subtle spice throughout and a complex finish that will leave you wanting more. Overall perfection


Jack's Recommendation

Cornelius and Anthony Cornelius Lonsdale

Silky smooth and super complex. I picked up notes of roasted nuts, caramel, cedar, cocoa, vanilla, dried fruit, graham cracker, leather, mashmallow - I could actually keep going. A simply elegant medium-bodied cigar with a nice earthy core. I have smoked my way through all of the C&A cigars so far and every one is worth a try or twenty.


Ryan's Recommendation


Cocoa room note, earthy cedar, and Citrus notes were just a few of the delicious flavors in this very complex beauty. There were seriously too many undertones to mention but It will be one I keep in my humidor. Pick one up today and let me know what you think.