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Drew Estate Event June 14th!

The Flavors of Drew Estate

Cuatro Cinco - This Mexican San Andreas wrapped beauty delivers rich notes of coffee and earthy chocolate,.. low pepper and great construction!

Liga Privada earthy cocoa and coffee notes with a licorice sweetness and a perfect draw

Joya De Nic Antano Dark Big flavors and strength even for the experienced smoker! Cocoa notes with a fruity sweetness over power the woody leather notes in a this old school Corojo


Shade in the classic Cuban style this claro has slight red pepper to keep the vanilla-creamy and full smoke exciting.

Sungrown the newest addition includes a leaf of extensively aged ligero from the Nueva Segovia region of the country near Honduras wrapped with an Ecuadoran Sumatra leaf giving the spice of sungrown. Balanced and smooth, this new arrival gives a balance of spice, fruity sweetness and cream 

Maduro classic flagship has been a best seller for Drew Estate for year, bringing earthy cocoa notes with cedar and pepper.

-What a great variety of flavors from Drew Estate! Come in and see what to try next!-


What are you looking forward to this summer?

Staff Recommendations


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Ryan's Recommendation


Kicks things off with wonderfully thick plumes of smoke, subtle sweetness, and fragrant earthy tones. Caramel and powder sugar like sweetness develops in the second third. Subtle spice throughout and a complex finish that will leave you wanting more. Overall perfection


Jack's Recommendation

Cornelius and Anthony Cornelius Lonsdale

Silky smooth and super complex. I picked up notes of roasted nuts, caramel, cedar, cocoa, vanilla, dried fruit, graham cracker, leather, mashmallow - I could actually keep going. A simply elegant medium-bodied cigar with a nice earthy core. I have smoked my way through all of the C&A cigars so far and every one is worth a try or twenty.


Ryan's Recommendation


Cocoa room note, earthy cedar, and Citrus notes were just a few of the delicious flavors in this very complex beauty. There were seriously too many undertones to mention but It will be one I keep in my humidor. Pick one up today and let me know what you think.